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Mise à jour importante pour Outlook 2007 (améliorations sensibles des performances)

Posted by Frédéric Laubel sur mars 16, 2009

Fin février est sorti un important package pour Outlook 2007. En effet en plus des traditionnels corrections de bugs ce package intègre des changements importants qui visent à améliorer très sensiblement  les performances d’Outloook 2007. Ces changements seront intégrés dans le SP2 d’Office 2007.

Je vous conseil de parcourir la liste des améliorations :

Update du 24 mars : Cette MAJ améliore tellement les performances que l’équipe produit Exchange vient de réviser ses recommendations pour le sizing de l’OST !!
In the past, from an Exchange perspective, we made a statement with regards to the Outlook 2007 Cached Exchange Mode experience (notably in the Mailbox Server Storage Design TechNet article) along the lines of 1 GB mailboxes with around 1 GB RAM requires at least 5400 RPM hard disks, and 2 GB mailboxes with 1-2 GB of RAM requires at least a 7200 RPM hard disk. We also recommended for high performance on mailboxes larger than 2 GB, that you reduce your mailbox size or use Online Mode. This guidance is no longer applicable with the latest product update.

With the release of Outlook 2007 SP1 February 2009 cumulative update, we are updating our Mailbox Storage Sizing Guidance to reflect the improved performance and responsiveness when utilizing Cached Exchange Mode with respect to mailbox/OST sizes:

  • Up to 5 gigabytes (GB): This size should provide a good user experience on most hardware.
  • Between 5 GB and 10 GB: This size is typically hardware dependent. Therefore, if you have a fast hard disk and much RAM, your experience will be better. However, slower hard drives, such as drives that are typically found on portable computers or early generation solid state drives (SSDs), experience some application pauses when the drives respond.
  • More than 10 GB: This size is where short pauses begin to occur on most hardware.
  • Very large, such as 25 GB or larger: This size increases the frequency of the short pauses, especially while you are downloading new e-mail. Alternatively, you can use Send/Receive groups to manually sync your mail.

Update: Maintenant que le Service Pack 2 d’Office 2007 est disponible il est fortement recommandé de l’installer !


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